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The Things Business Owners Like About Whiteboard Walls
Business Owners like whiteboard walls for many logistical reasons like space savings and smudge-free erasability along with the many creative reasons like storyboarding, increased focus, collaboration, and expression.

Whiteboard Walls Provide Extra Space

Although they serve the same functions, two major factors that make ReMARKable whiteboard walls different from traditional whiteboards are the huge surface area they provide for writing and drawing and their great cost-efficiency. Whiteboard painted walls can be as large or as small as you want them to be in your meeting room, office, classroom, or other working areas. When it comes to size and convenience, you can’t find two more different types of surfaces than dry erase walls and traditional whiteboards.

For example, standard whiteboards are only available in specific dimensions, meaning that you’re restricted with regard to how much writing/drawing surface you can choose to install on a wall. If you want to create a bigger whiteboard surface, you’ll need to cover your wall with multiple whiteboards, which will be unattractive and extremely expensive, as the cost of a 4’ x 6’ traditional whiteboard can be as much as $200. Instead, with whiteboard paint, you can transform entire walls into whiteboards for a fraction of the cost and have vast areas on which to do brainstorming word lists, create flow charts, generate mind maps, and the like. This quality of cost-effective expansiveness is highly attractive to business owners — spacious, wall-sized potential for creativity in a corporate office or virtually any other area at a low cost per square foot.

With their vast surface areas, dry erase painted walls will inspire you and your staff to reach new creative heights, because most people are not able to write small enough to fit all of their ideas into a 4’x 6’ traditional whiteboard, especially when generating flow charts, mind maps, storyboards or other items that require large areas to be fully and accurately presented. Thus, a whiteboard painted wall can be a huge boon to worker productivity when planning sales campaigns, brainstorming topics for management training courses, initiating seasonal marketing strategies, envisioning processes to figure out an upcoming sales season, and mapping out marketing plans for book launches or other initiatives.

Whiteboard Walls Increase Capacity for Storyboarding

Traditionally, a storyboard is a graphic organizing tool in the form of illustrations or images shown in sequence to visualize the order of scenes before the making of a movie, animation, or other form of graphic medium, used by filmmakers and animators in developing a sense for the broader storyline. Storyboards are vital tools for producing films and animations because they clearly convey how the action of a given story will flow, showing how various shots work together to form a meaningful narrative. Storyboards also allow for the pinpointing of potential problems that might normally go unnoticed, ultimately saving time and money for producers, directors, and investors alike.

In recent years, the usefulness of storyboarding for business applications has also become apparent. When companies borrow valuable tools for thinking, such as storyboards from disciplines like filmmaking, they create value in the business world because storyboards can help managers and staff to map and understand customers’ experience with a company, allowing them to align their efforts and create a long-term vision for the future. In this way, the knowledge gained through the storyboarding process helps management to initiate changes, enhance a company’s growth, and increase profits.

Therefore, business leaders and staff members alike appreciate the large surface areas of whiteboard painted walls, where they can easily designate a section just for storyboarding. As Nathan Blecharczyk, co-founder and CSO of Airbnb says, “Creating a great customer experience is the highest priority at Airbnb and something that we’ve made a big part of our culture. One thing that’s really helped is a storyboard we created that depicts the different steps someone goes through from the time she first hears about Airbnb to the time she leaves post-visit feedback. What the storyboard made clear is that we were missing a big part of the picture—the offline experience—that’s an even more meaningful part of using Airbnb than booking a property.”

Thus, the storyboarding process enabled the company to uncover steps in their customers’ experience that they were overlooking. Then, each of the steps they were not covering or providing value for were analyzed, and measures were taken to rectify the situation. In this way, the storyboard became an essential instrument in producing a greater and more enjoyable experience for Airbnb customers. With this in mind, the value of a huge whiteboard painted wall for storyboarding and improving a business’ productivity and profitability is obvious.

Whiteboard Walls Offer Smudge-Free Surface

Unlike conventional whiteboards, high-quality whiteboard painted walls are easily wiped clean and never “ghost” or leave a coat of smudgy film after erasing. Smudging or ghosting is caused by the bleeding of dry erase marker ink into a whiteboard’s surface. Ghosting can be produced by dirty erasers, by erasing marker ink that’s still wet, by using the wrong kind of marker, by using a low-quality whiteboard, by repeated heavy use of whiteboard, or by leaving marks on a whiteboard for a long period. However, ghosting or smudging is not an issue with high-quality dry erase walls because of their wear-resistant and smudge-resistant finish. For this reason, they can last for ten or more years before needing to be resurfaced. By contrast, traditional whiteboards have to be purchased approximately every three years, and throughout their lifetimes are susceptible to ghosting and smudging, which requires ongoing maintenance and can often disrupt the creative flow of ideas because writing or drawings become hard to see.

Whiteboard Walls Enhances Team Focus and Collaboration

High-quality dry erase walls also heighten team focus and collaboration among staff members and managers by offering large areas for posting company mission statements and business progress charts, for brainstorming details of upcoming projects, and for a wide range of other work that requires teamwork and cooperation, while leaving plenty of room for constructive comments and suggestions.

At the beginning of a project, when managers and other team members are beginning to sort out the pieces of a project, such as the timing of activities and the assignment of responsibilities, the items to be considered can first be written in a list on a dry erase wall. Team members can then reflect on, reorganize, group, and sequence the items until they’re able to clearly perceive the whole picture of the project. They can also use different-colored dry erase markers, different geometrical shapes, and different spaces on the whiteboard wall to build relationships among various ideas. The team can then move items on the wall around, for instance, if they come to realize that topic B would be better placed before topic A in a given sequence, instead of the other way around. Team members can also allow themselves to be as colorful and creative as they like by adding whatever embellishments they can think of to the visual map of ideas. Photos of what’s been generated by the team effort can be taken to add to laptops, tablets, or note-taking apps for future reference. Finally, the wall can be erased to have a huge open space for conducting the next project-planning session.

Another approach to project development is the mind map, an invaluable tool for business people that allows them to plan, organize, and present information efficiently and effectively. A mind map promotes bigger-picture thinking, improves problem-solving skills, and is a valuable tool for team collaboration. And again, the huge surface areas available on whiteboard walls make this strategy infinitely easier.

Whiteboard Walls Open Opportunities for Employee Expression

Your staff members can also express themselves through original artwork produced on your whiteboard painted walls and thus gain increased admiration and kudos from their colleagues. Having a fun and entertaining quality, original drawings produced on designated areas of your dry erase walls will add a touch of individuality to the work experience, set the mood for a relaxed, casual office atmosphere, and serve as an eco-friendly way to display your employees’ creative side during slow periods in the workweek.

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