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Let Your Whiteboard Surface Cure

Unlike other dry-erase coatings on the market today, ReMARKable whiteboard paint’s amazing technologically advanced formula works quickly so you don’t have to wait days before your surface is ready to use. In fact, once applied, our dry erase coating is typically dry to the touch in just eight to 16 hours, depending on the ambient temperature and humidity in the room where it’s installed, and it’s ready to be written or drawn on in 48 hours. However, it’s important to make sure that you let the coating cure for the entire recommended 48-hour drying period before attempting to use it. If you try to write or draw on the surface before the required drying time, you could cause permanent damage and render it unusable. If you’re ever unsure about whether your surface has totally cured, simply test a small section in a corner of your wall with a low odor dry erase marker to see if the ink comes off easily with a microfiber cloth.

So, why wait a week to give free rein to your team’s creativity and get on with your business projects when you can do so in a much shorter time while enjoying the benefits of an easily erased surface that will last for ten-plus years before needing to be replaced?

Get Creative

When your whiteboard surface is ready to write and draw on, make sure to use low-odor dry erase markers, then when you’re finished writing or drawing, wipe off the ink markings using a microfiber cloth, mitt, wall mop or towel. With their huge surface areas, dry erase painted walls can inspire you and your team members to amazing new levels of creativity and enthusiasm when generating flow charts, mind maps, storyboards, or other items that require large areas to be fully and accurately displayed. In this way, a whiteboard painted wall can give your staff a great boost in productivity when planning sales campaigns, brainstorming topics for training courses, outlining marketing strategies, envisioning ways to proceed for a new sales season, and mapping out plans for book launches or other initiatives.

Your team can also let themselves go and be as colorful and creative as they like by expanding on written ideas in whatever ways they can think of with graphics or additional text. Finally, photos of what the team has come up with may be taken to send to your staff’s laptops, tablets, or note-taking apps for future reference in project development. Finally, the wall can be erased so that you once again have a huge open space for conducting the next project-planning or brainstorming session.

Besides their great usefulness in pursuing business-related and other practical projects, dry erase coated surfaces can provide endless opportunities for more casual or impromptu employee expression as well. Your team members can show their originality through unique artwork and creative writings produced on your whiteboard painted walls, thus gaining the admiration and approval of their colleagues. Having fun and entertaining quality, drawings, poems, favorite quotations and other forms of personal expression presented on designated areas of your dry erase walls will add a touch of individuality and enjoyment to everyone’s work experience, set the mood for a relaxed office atmosphere, and serve as an eco-friendly way to display your employees’ creative side during slow periods in the work schedule.

There are many other ways you can use your dry erase painted walls for team building. For instance, your office social committee can use the walls to post announcements or notes about upcoming group events, or team members may draw cartoon characters or write jokes on a wall to lift everyone’s spirit through their entertainment value. Since they’re out in the open for your whole team to observe and use, your dry erase coated walls are ideal tools for reaching and enriching the office community.

The above-mentioned ways of using your whiteboard painted walls can improve the mood in your office and enhance feelings of solidarity, thus fostering social harmony and increased productivity among team members. Recent research data from more than 100 different team-building studies show that such activities have measurable and positive effects on employee performance.

Whiteboard Paint Maintenance

Our dry erase painted surfaces are specially designed and manufactured to remain bright looking and durable for a long time, so they come with a full ten-year warranty ensuring a good appearance, trouble-free use, and easy erasability during that time. However, it’s important to meticulously follow the cleaning and care instructions provided with the packaging to guarantee that your whiteboard coated surface stays fresh, unblemished, and easy to use for many years to come.

Whiteboard painted surfaces function best when you use low odor dry erase markers, and erase the markings and residue with a microfiber cleaning cloth, mitt or towel. Please remember to wash your microfiber materials regularly and replace them when they lose their softness to make sure that they’re still effective in removing dirt from your surfaces. Cloths, mitts, and towels made of microfiber must only be washed with ordinary laundry detergent, not oily, self-softening, soap-based laundry agents. Also, avoid the use of fabric softeners. When used to clean microfiber materials, the oils and cationic surfactants in softeners and self-softening detergents clog up the tiny fibers in the fabrics and make them less absorbent until the oils and chemicals are thoroughly washed out.

In addition, standard dry ink erasers should never be used to erase a whiteboard coated wall because they’ll just smear the ink around on the surface of the wall without removing anything. So, a microfiber cleaning cloth, mitt or towel works best for regular daily erasing, because microfiber fabric is designed to easily attract and trap dirt such as dry erase ink residue and retain it so that no smearing occurs while the fabric is being used.

If you want to erase larger sections of your whiteboard coated surface at one time, you can use a microfiber wall wash mop, a device that’s extremely effective for cleaning off the massive surfaces of whiteboard painted walls. When you erase a traditional framed dry erase board with a cloth, you’ll notice that the only part of the cloth that’s taking off any ink residue is the part where you’re applying pressure to the board with your hand, and that’s only the width of your five fingers. However, a fast effective tool for wiping away nine inches of dry-erase ink at a time is the microfiber wall wash mop, which is great for cleaning regular painted walls and works just as well for erasing and cleaning whiteboard coated surfaces. You can use the mop when it’s dry to wipe off your whiteboard wall through the day and use it wet for your routine periodic cleaning procedure.

In the highest quality microfiber fabrics designed for cleaning, the fibers are split during the manufacturing process to produce multi-stranded fibers. These split fibers and the minute size of their individual filaments make the cloths more effective than other fabrics for cleaning any kind of surface. The extremely fine structure of split microfibers allows fabrics they’re made with to catch and hold on to dirt such as grime from dry-erase ink and also to absorb liquids. And, unlike cotton textiles, microfiber fabrics produce no lint so your dry erase surface will always look spotless after cleaning.

In addition, you never need to use harsh chemical cleaners, abrasive pads or steel wool on your dry erase coated surface, as these products can cause scratches and also affect the wall’s usability. As with the erasing method mentioned above, you can simply use a microfiber cloth, towel, mitt, or wall wash mop at any time to keep your whiteboard painted surfaces immaculate for ten-plus of regular use before needing to be replaced.

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Posted: July 6, 2020


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