More Application Tips for Whiteboard Paint

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More Application Tips for Whiteboard Paint

Use Within Six Months Of Purchase

Each premium whiteboard kit must be used within six months of the purchase date. Whiteboard paint that is older than six months will not work as it’s supposed to and issues with application, write-ability, and erase-ability can occur when expired product is applied. You’ll want to avoid using whiteboard coating past 180 days old because it will be hard to apply and have a less-than-ideal appearance after drying. When Parts A and B of the whiteboard coating go beyond their recommended shelf-life, they undergo a chemical transformation, causing them to coagulate and not combine properly when mixed. So, the mixture becomes exceedingly thick, and after drying, the result is an unusable whiteboard surface that appears irregular and unsightly and will need to be redone.

Prepare The Surface Properly

Make sure that the surface where you plan to apply the top-quality whiteboard coating is perfectly smooth, well-sealed, and covered with an appropriate eco-friendly base coat. ReMARKable Tintable Base Paint is the optimum product to use for this purpose, but certain varieties of other premium satin or eggshell sheen, water-based paints, may also be used.

To avoid this problem, you may have to smooth your wall’s surface before the coating application by sanding off any bumps or divots you find and filling in all the holes, cuts, and other low areas with spackling compound, which can be purchased at any home improvement center or hardware store.

Regarding the goal of wall smoothness, remember to apply the whiteboard coating to a smooth surface after you’re sure it’s free of bumps, holes, divots, and other imperfections because when you attempt to write on an irregular whiteboard coated surface, the tip of your dry erase marker will go up and down, and you’ll produce uneven lines as you write or draw. Then, when you erase your markings, you’ll clean only the high areas of the surface and miss the low ones, and tiny dots will emerge in the low places. Thus, you’ll soon come to realize that the surface is not erasing well and that the problem lies in the fact that dry erase marker ink has settled into all the low places.

After filling in all the imperfections with the spackling compound, you’ll may find it best to sand the surface with 180- to 220-grit sandpaper, depending on its level of texture. If the wall is more heavily textured, or what is called “orange peel, it may be necessary to smooth the wall by floating it out with drywall mud. Always contact the manufacturer if you are not sure or have questions.

If you have a sizeable wall or multiple walls to sand before applying the whiteboard coating, you may consider using a drywall pole sander, or an electric orbital sander, that can greatly accelerate the smoothing process. A pole sander is a hand-held device with a long handle for use in sanding big surfaces such as walls or floors. Using this tool can help you sand more rapidly than if you were to use a standard hand sander because a lot more area can be covered in much less time. However, for a small surface, a block-type hand sander is totally sufficient.

For really rough surfaces or if you don’t have a pole sander, floating the wall with drywall mud may be a more efficient method to achieve a perfectly smooth finish. No matter what method you choose remember – your Remarkable wall will be as smooth as the surface it is coated over so if you want a smooth whiteboard, you need to make sure your wall is smooth prior to application. If you do use drywall mud, make sure it fully dries before applying your base paint.

Once your surface is smooth and dry, thoroughly wipe it down with a microfiber cloth or mitt prior to applying the Tintable Base Paint or other high-quality base coat. Then, wipe off the surface again with a dry cloth and make sure it’s totally dry and without dirt and debris such as lint or splinters. This is a critical aspect of the preparation process because, for any paint or coating, dust is the archenemy of successful adhesion. The write-ability and erase-ability of premium whiteboard coated surfaces are strongly affected by the coating’s ability to adhere properly to the substrate, and even the tiniest amounts of dust or foreign material can lessen the chances of good adhesion of the base coat, and in turn, the coating.

On clean surfaces, ReMARKable Tintable Base Paint provides outstanding adhesion to the substrate, so we strongly suggest using this high-quality base coat and primer in one. Applying it will save you the time involved in using a separate primer and base coat and in waiting for the primer to dry before you can install the base coat. If you use the Tintable Base Paint, you’ll need to apply two coats and wait at least three hours between coats, with no primer being needed. Once the second coat of base paint is applied, you’ll need to wait at least 24 hours to install the premium whiteboard coating. Easy-to-understand videos on applying the coating are available on the company website.

Follow the Directions

The use of the finest eco-friendly ingredients combined with intensive quality testing of the premium whiteboard coatings ensures that they are the highest grade products of their kind on the market today. However, they need to be applied, maintained, and used according to the manufacturer’s directions so that they will last for ten-plus years of normal use and provide long-lasting, easily erased, and streak-free service for an endless array of purposes.

Use the suggested fine-nap microfiber paint roller and allow for the above-mentioned amount of drying time between the application of the base coat and application of the topcoat. Also, do not write on the wall until the manufacturer’s instructions say it’s safe to do so.

The company warranty assures that surfaces covered with the coatings will not experience issues when written and drawn on with high-quality low-odor dry erase markers and when properly applied, erased, and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions that accompany each coating kit. So, to maintain the warranty, it’s essential that the whiteboard coated surface be used according to its guidelines on normal use, maintenance, and general care. In this way, the surface will remain new looking and fully functional for its ten-plus-year lifetime or longer.