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Introduction: Some of the major reasons for purchasing our premium whiteboard paints include an industry-best drying time of 48 hours; high-quality, low-odor, and environmentally friendly ingredients; outstanding performance for ten-plus years without needing to be recoated; easy-to-follow instructions for the products’ application and use; the fact that they’re trusted and loved by countless happy users around the globe; and a full ten-year warranty against cracking, peeling, fading, and yellowing.

Fastest Dry Time in the Whiteboard Paint World

You can start using your whiteboard painted wall in just 48 hours, the fastest dry time in the entire whiteboard coating industry. This extremely rapid drying time allows you to avoid having to leave your office, home, classroom, or other venue for long periods after application, as is the case with most of our competitors’ products, which are full of hazardous chemicals known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Our product’s speedy-drying ability results from years of diligent research and development that created low-odor, eco-friendly water-based formulations with extremely small VOC contents. Due to the minimal amounts of odor-causing volatile organic compounds they contain, paints and coatings such as our quality whiteboard paint create surfaces that dry more quickly than other paints with strong odors and large numbers of toxic chemical components.

The rapid industry-best dry time of our premium whiteboard paints has many advantages. As mentioned above, it allows users to avoid having to leave the office, home, or other space while their whiteboard paint is drying. This feature eliminates the disorder and inconvenience caused by a temporary move to an alternate location to conduct business or go about daily tasks. In this case, one of the greatest benefits is saved time, which is vital to all businesses, schools, organizations, and households. Even if your schedule is not especially busy at the time, the opportunity to get back to your office, factory, home, or classroom in just 48 hours is nonetheless meaningful, not to mention that the fumes from our competitors’ slower-drying paints can lead to serious health risks. Thus, to help save time, money, your health, and the environment, opting for our quick-drying, non-harmful whiteboard paint is the wisest choice you can make. Moreover, accidents involving innocent passersby and wet painted walls are far less likely to happen with our fast-drying coatings than with most other whiteboard paints.

Quality Whiteboard Paint

Our top-quality products are designed to be used in commercial, industrial, and residential interiors. Being the result of years of research by professional faux finishers and top-notch chemists, our reasonably priced, eco-friendly whiteboard paints have all the characteristics that customers want, including easy erasability, great durability, an attractive appearance, ease of application, and speedy dry times. Every batch of product we manufacture is tested rigorously before leaving our facility to ensure that our customers get the highest quality paints we can deliver. We produce only top-grade whiteboard coatings that are made with highly innovative manufacturing techniques, are easy to apply, are economical, and produce long-lasting, easily erased, and environmentally friendly surfaces that outperform all others on the market today.

Eco-Friendly Whiteboard Paint

Unlike the low-end two-part epoxy-based coatings of the competition, our premium whiteboard paints are kind to the planet, being composed of ingredients extremely low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are chemicals that evaporate quickly and enter the surrounding air easily, causing harm to both humans and the environment. An example is formaldehyde, a highly toxic substance that’s released from the resin in low-quality whiteboard paints, causing eye, nose, throat, and skin inflammation, coughing, breathlessness, and nausea in many people. Both the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) and the US National Toxicology Program classify formaldehyde as a documented human carcinogen. So to avoid formaldehyde and other hazardous VOCs, it’s wise to choose a safe brand of whiteboard paint like ours.

When deciding to use our coatings you’re also helping planet Earth in other ways, as they offer a safe alternative to paper printouts, flip charts, and heavy, costly whiteboards, all of which typically end up in overcrowded landfills. With our products, no precious raw materials are required for production, no dangerous substances are emitted into the air during application, and no disposal of waste paper or non-recyclable materials is involved in their use. In fact, our coatings have recently been certified as compliant with the strict environmental safety guidelines of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), the world’s most widely utilized ranking scheme for eco-friendly construction methods.

Good Directions

The easy-to-follow instructions that come with our products offer detailed application guidelines compiled by top professional coatings installers with years of experience in applying our whiteboard paints to a wide range of surfaces in all types of settings, such as factories, business offices, hospitals, retail shops, restaurants, private homes, and more. The topics covered in the instructions include the following: (1) how to prepare your surface before application of our premium whiteboard paint; (2) how to mix the two parts of our paint formula together; (3) how to apply the coating after it’s mixed; (4) the curing period of the paint after application; (5) use and maintenance of your whiteboard surface; (6) how to apply a second coat if desired; (7) health and safety guidelines related to application; (8) the warranty; and (9) further details about application and use.

When you buy one of our paints, besides these informative directions on application, use, and maintenance you also receive outstanding customer service provided by some of the world’s leading experts in the installation of whiteboard coatings. An easy-to-follow video tutorial that presents detailed preparation and application instructions is also available on our official website.

Trusted and Loved

Our whiteboard paint products are used, trusted, and loved all over the world by coatings professionals in business, manufacturing, and residential applications, and also by countless individual business owners, homeowners and others seeking the finest in whiteboard painted surfaces. Developed by expert faux finishers who had tried and were frustrated by the amazingly poor quality of the other whiteboard paint products on the market, our whiteboard coatings are formulated to be easily applied and erased, and to never smear, smudge or yellow; they’re also non-toxic, eco-friendly, virtually odorless, completely smooth to the touch after application, and guaranteed to offer superior performance for ten-plus years of regular indoor use.

We know that our high-quality whiteboard coatings can be trusted to function as advertised because our company was established by world-renowned industry professionals who apply the products every day in the real world for real clients. For this reason, we know first-hand how to get your application done right and understand the challenges of attempting to meet technical specifications and install coatings in large-scale commercial and academic settings. We also understand that our products have to meet the high standards that we’ve set and that our customers have come to expect. Thus, when you purchase and apply one of our premium whiteboard paints, you get an innovative product that’s been crafted so as to combine reliability, high utility, and cutting-edge product design.


All of our whiteboard paints come with a full ten-year warranty that’s the best in the industry because we want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase, and we’ll make sure that you’re able to apply our coating successfully and use it trouble-free for many years to come. The warranty verifies that our painted surfaces will retain their dry erasability for ten or more years before ever needing to be recoated, and will resist separating from the substrate, peeling, cracking, discoloration, staining, and fading when they’re used with appropriate dry erase markers and properly applied, cleaned, and maintained as specified in the instructions included with the products. The warranty also certifies that you’ll be thoroughly pleased with your whiteboard painted surfaces or else receive a full refund of the purchase price plus shipping costs.

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