The 48-hour Dry Time: A True Sign of Quality in Dry Erase Paint…

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The 48-hour Dry Time: A True Sign of Quality in Dry Erase Paint…

Premium dry erase paint has many outstanding features that put it at the top of the rankings among dry erase coatings on today’s market. One of these features is its brief 48-hour dry time, which is highly beneficial to users in any setting, from the home office to the elementary school classroom, to the corporate headquarters. Dry time is an essential guideline in establishing the quality of a dry erase paint brand. It can vary anywhere from 48 hours for top-quality products, such as our water-based coating, to seven days for lower-quality epoxy-based dry erase paints.

Lengthy dry times are uncharacteristic of any top-quality dry erase paint. They’re also problematic for customers because they usually mean that a business office, classroom, clinic, or other venue must be vacated. At the same time, harmful chemical fumes are emitted during the drying process. These fumes, known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), can put the health of those in the environment at risk and are a serious source of air pollution. The main basis for our premium paint’s speedy drying capacity is its superior water-based formula, which both dries rapidly and offers an eco-friendly option to environmentally harmful and slow-drying epoxies.

A Fast Dry Time Equals Less Downtime

In the home office, a quick dry time means less time spent worrying about protecting your painted surface against pets, children, or dust flying around the room as the paint is curing. This, in turn, means getting back to your regular routine sooner rather than later. On the contrary, many epoxy-based dry erase coatings have a four- to seven-day drying period. During this time, a home office or other usable space will be out of commission, a situation that can be inconvenient, frustrating, and costly.

In a business or commercial setting, either large or small, whether many offices are being painted or just one room, it’s again a significant benefit to be able to use the areas sooner rather than later. It’s also comforting to know that you won’t have to be concerned about protecting your freshly applied dry erase surface from dust in the air or people accidentally touching it, not knowing it’s wet. Since the dry time for premium dry erase paint is a mere 48 hours, it’s easy to plan ahead and arrange your schedule to include a slot for the paint application to occur without loss of working hours. For example, if the application is made on a Friday afternoon when your team members come back to work the following Monday, your new dry erase wall will be dry and ready to go. As a result, you won’t experience any unnecessary downtime. This benefit also applies to schools, where a quick drying time is crucial to a good result. If the dry erase paint is applied on the weekend when students are gone, a 48-hour dry time ensures that they won’t inadvertently touch the wet wall while in the classroom. This also eliminates the possibility of dust being stirred up by the students and affecting the quality of the finished surface.

Water Based Means Fast Drying and High Quality

Premium dry-erase paint’s extremely short drying period is due to its unique water-based formula, which allows for a nontoxic, trouble-free, and low-odor application along with rapid evaporation of the liquid component. The advanced chemical process used to produce top-quality dry erase paint is the result of many years of laboratory experiments and ongoing improvements. We ultimately discovered a way to provide customers with a highly durable, easy-to-erase, fast-drying, and eco-friendly option to the other whiteboard paints available.

Premium Quality Paint Arose from Intensive Research and Development

Our company’s founders are expert faux-finishers with many years of training and experience in applying dry erase coatings in diverse settings. After testing all of the existing dry erase paints on the market, they found them all to have one or more shortcomings, including the following:
· Difficulties with writing on and erasing the finished surface
· The emission of hazardous, foul-smelling gases during application
· An inclination to yellow or become stained over time
· Problems with the application
· A tendency to smear and smudge when erased
· Bubbling during the application process
· Faulty, irregular surfaces that affected writing and erasing
· Spotting on the surface when erased (produced by the bubbling).
Consequently, since all of the dry erase paints that the founders tested proved to be deficient in various ways, they set their minds to creating a fast-drying, durable, environmentally friendly alternative that was easy to write on and erase and that would retain its usefulness and appearance for ten or more years of normal use.

A Long Dry Time Equals Low Quality and Excessive Downtime

The low-quality dry erase paints tested during this trial period were typically epoxy based and required three to seven days to completely dry. In the business context, this feature results in a long waiting period when normal operations are not possible, workflow is disrupted, and team energy is diminished. The toxic gases and unpleasant odors given off by epoxy-based paints during the drying process prevent usual activities from happening in the area where they’re installed. This causes downtime and lost income for customers, who have to move to a temporary workplace and often encounter unpleasant working conditions, IT issues, longer commutes to work and disruptions in the daily schedule. For these reasons and its many benefits, fast-drying premium dry erase paint is the most intelligent and most cost-effective choice to apply in any location, from a private home to a business office, to an elementary school classroom.

Premium Water-Based Dry Erase Paint is the Best Option

A four-to-seven-day drying period is the average for low-quality dry erase paints. This long dry time is caused by the epoxy-based formulas that comprise lower-quality dry erase coatings, which are also highly toxic during application. On the contrary, premium dry erase paint has an eco-friendly water-based formula with virtually no odor and only minimal amounts of VOCs, which can adversely affect humans, animals, and the environment. VOCs occur at much higher levels in low-end epoxy-based dry erase paints, contributing to their slow dry times, toxic gas emissions, and disagreeable odor.

A short dry time is highly attractive to companies interested in how long their dry erase surface will remain wet and thus impact the day-to-day flow of business operations. Premium dry erase paint’s brief drying period allows company business to go on with little or no disruption. Hiring sessions, work projects, staff meetings, and customer relations can all go on as usual. In fact, low-odor dry erase paint may even be applied while work is going on. And once dry, the freshly applied whiteboard surface can be used immediately and safely for an endless range of activities.

The Science behind Low-quality Epoxy-based Paints

Scientifically speaking, epoxies are part of the aromatic family of organic chemical compounds, which are highly subject to the harmful effects of ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun and artificial lights. Thus, epoxy-based dry erase paints are not naturally resistant to UV light and require UV-blocking additives in their formulas. However, these additives cannot completely prevent yellowing but can only slow it down. For this reason, epoxy-based whiteboard-painted surfaces ultimately become yellow and deteriorate through the impact of UV rays. Thus, they have to be repainted when they get too unsightly or when issues such as detachment of the surface, formation of a powdery layer, or cracking occur.

Unlike epoxies, premium water-based dry erase paint can withstand yellowing, peeling, cracking, and the other problems that epoxy-based paints suffer from due to UV light exposure. Because they’re impervious to UV light and so resistant to yellowing and degrading, our dry erase painted surfaces can last for ten or more years of normal use without needing to be replaced.

The 48-hour Dry Time: A True Sign of Quality in Dry Erase Paint…
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The 48-hour Dry Time: A True Sign of Quality in Dry Erase Paint…
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