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Introduction: If you want to know the answer to “How Does Whiteboard Paint Work?” First, we need to know its greatest characteristics. Some of the many great qualities of our premium whiteboard coatings include their ease of application; their superior eco-friendly water-based formula; their high functionality for ten or more years of use; their cost-effectiveness; their spacious open-ended quality; their resistance to smudging and ghosting; and their use with eco-friendly, healthy low-odor markers.

Whiteboard Walls Are Easy

High-end whiteboard paint is extremely easy to apply. Anyone with a basic knowledge of painting or even with no experience at all can install our quality whiteboard coatings if they follow the simple-to-understand instructions included with the product’s do it yourself kit and featured in a highly informative video tutorial on our company website. It’s important to make sure, however, that you follow the application guidelines closely so as to ensure a highly erasable and attractive whiteboard coated surface as your final product.

Superior Product

Premium water-based coatings such as ReMARKable’s are of better quality and often less costly than our competitors’ products, which are generally epoxy-based and require careful application and handling due to their hazardous nature. Our coatings are produced in a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant under the careful supervision of renowned chemists and skilled engineers who constantly strive to improve our products and develop new ones that are environmentally friendly, highly effective, and cost-efficient for our customers.
The high quality of our coatings was recently recognized by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), a worldwide rating system developed by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), headquartered in Washington, DC. Our products have been deemed to be compliant with LEED’s strict guidelines for environmentally friendly building materials, and are among the first whiteboard coatings to receive this unique distinction. When manufacturers of products such as our premium whiteboard coatings get recognized as LEED compliant, it means that when architects and contractors choose them for use in their buildings it improves the chances of the structures’ becoming LEED certified. In the case of our coatings, for example, we can show owners that the paints are “low-emitting materials” that do not contribute significantly to atmospheric pollution, so using them can help to earn points toward receiving the highly coveted LEED Certification label for their buildings.
When this certification is achieved, it indicates that a building was constructed with environmentally friendly materials; is both energy and water efficient; can be leased at higher rates than conventionally constructed buildings; is beneficial and safe for humans and the environment; and is a tangible reflection of the sound values of those who possess and reside in it. Thus, our paints contribute to the health and well-being of both society and our planet each time they’re used in a LEED-certified building.

Whiteboard Walls Are Functional

Properly applied and maintained quality whiteboard painted surfaces are guaranteed to remain fully functional and highly erasable for ten-plus years of regular daily use or your money back. Proper application and maintenance are the keys to retaining the functionality of your whiteboard surface. When installed according to instructions and cleaned regularly with a microfiber cloth, towel, or mitt, your surface should remain free of issues for the entire length of its ten-year warranty or even longer.

Whiteboard Walls Are Cost-effective

Premium whiteboard painted walls are significantly more cost-effective than traditional whiteboards, which may be priced at $200 or more for a standard 4’ by 6’board. By contrast, our whiteboard coated surfaces save you money by being long-lasting and also of lower cost per square foot than other whiteboard alternatives on the market today. In addition, due to their water-based, low-odor, and environmentally friendly formulas, there’s no need to move team members and equipment from the workplace while the coatings are being installed, thus saving companies and organizations a lot of valuable time and revenue.


Premium whiteboard surfaces offer infinitely more room to teach, do business, conduct family affairs, and perform an endless variety of other tasks while being easily erased and highly resilient. Unlike the confined surface area of a traditional aluminum-framed whiteboard, our whiteboard painted walls offer enough open space to write and draw as large as you like, allowing you and others to easily see your content at meetings, seminars, brainstorming sessions, impromptu gatherings, and the like. This feature of spaciousness creates a sense of freedom and unlimited possibilities for idea generation among all members of a working team.

No Muddying Up

Our top-quality whiteboard painted walls won’t crack, turn yellow or muddy up like old-school classroom whiteboards, which are prone to all of these problems, and last for only three to four years as compared to our durable whiteboard painted surfaces that last ten or more years without requiring replacement. With the use of high-quality low-odor dry erase markers and regular cleaning, our whiteboard painted walls’ tough, impervious surfaces retain their brightness and sheen without being subject to gray, shadowy areas and ghosting from long-term exposure to marker ink. With respect to cleaning, all that’s needed to keep your premium whiteboard wall looking brand new is a gentle going over with a microfiber cloth, towel, or mitt whenever you no longer need the written or drawn content on the surface. An occasional mild cleaning with a microfiber cloth and a water-based whiteboard surface cleaner like our proprietary brand may also be advisable if your wall gets extensive use.
However, it’s also important to note that our quality whiteboard coating needs to be properly applied, in accordance with the instructions provided with our paint kits and in our online video tutorial, to ensure that no ghosting or smudging occurs when using your whiteboard coated wall. A major aspect of a correct installation is the use of a proper base coat to serve as a substrate for our whiteboard paint. The recommended product to use as an undercoating is our proprietary brand ReMARKable Tintable Base Paint. Applying this product to your wall before installing our white or clear whiteboard paint will ensure that you obtain a satisfactory result – an impervious, long-lasting, and easily erased whiteboard coated surface that will endure for ten or more years of continuous use with high-quality low odor dry erase markers.
Another factor to keep in mind is to avoid “stretching” the coating when you apply it and attempt to cover more area than is specified on the container that the paint came in. This practice is common when applying regular house paint to a surface but is not appropriate with our products, which are actually coatings not paints, and are designed to be installed in a single thick layer. Both our clear and white coatings are sold in containers whose contents are meant to cover only the areas of specific sizes that customers originally desire and no more. For example, if you purchase one of our 35-square-foot kits and try to paint a wall with an area of 40 square feet, you’ll undoubtedly end up with a finished surface that’s not up to par, that looks irregular, is subject to deterioration, is hard to write on, and is hard to erase cleanly. Thus, attempting to apply our paint on a larger area than that indicated on its container can adversely affect the durability, erasability, and appearance of your whiteboard painted wall.

Low-odor Markers

Our quality whiteboard painted surfaces work best when used with high-quality low-odor dry erase markers for writing and drawing. Quality low-odor markers use alcohol for their solvent and thus are healthier for humans and more environmentally friendly than the high-odor variety of markers that use methyl isobutyl ketone, also known as hexone, a chemical that can cause irritation of the eyes and mucous membranes, muscle weakness, headaches, and other medical issues in humans, and may also be damaging to the atmosphere. In fact, many dry erase marker manufacturers have discontinued using hexone due to stringent environmental restrictions imposed by states such as California. Besides their health and ecological benefits, high-quality low-odor dry erase markers also allow users to avoid ghosting and smudging of their whiteboard painted surfaces.

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