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ReMARKable is proud to announce that its whiteboard dry erase paint has passed all LEED compliance third-party tests for volatile organic compound emission and is now one of the world’s first LEED Compliant whiteboard paints. This is a huge deal, and we will tell you why, but before that let’s look at some of the other things that are great about ReMARKable whiteboard paint.

What is ReMARKable

ReMARKable whiteboard paint is a surface coating that can transform just about any space, wall or surface into the equivalent of a dry erase board, at only a fraction of the cost. Used in modern learning and teaching spaces, leading-edge business, and other creative environments, ReMARKable dry erase environments are transforming the way people collaborate, carry out business, create new products, discover new synergies, and have fun.

Why a ReMARKable whiteboard is a must

A ReMARKable whiteboard will revolutionize how you communicate with your colleagues and classmates. It will transform teaching, learning, planning, and brainstorming; and it will liberate and the creative forces of each member of the team. Today many of the most advanced brands in the world use whiteboard paints to achieve levels of collaboration above and beyond what previously achievable.

Far better than a traditional whiteboard, a ReMARKable whitewall creates a seamless canvas where you can express and explore your biggest ideas. Just some of the ways your working and learning environment will benefit from a ReMARKable whitewall include:

  • A boundless canvas: No longer will you be constrained to a limited area; instead you will have all the space you need to explore and communicate your ideas. You will discover how an expansive space can help you extend your vision beyond the limited boundaries of an old-fashioned whiteboard.
  • Shared collaboration space: So many good ideas occur in the spaces between individual teams. ReMARKable whiteboard paint provides the perfect environment in which members of different groups can exchange ideas informally and help capture those unique synergies that lead to new products and directions.
  • Perfect for everyone: The visual thinkers in your teams will have the ideal tool for exploring and sharing their ideas; analytic thinkers can explain hard data with charts and graphics; planners can show how it all works together to create the next best thing. By stepping inside a ReMARKable whitewall canvas, the whole team will step outside the box.
  • Cost effective: At just a fraction of the cost per area of a traditional whiteboard, a ReMARKable whitewall is a cost-effective way to reinvent your office, learning, and other collaborative spaces. It is also environmentally friendly and entirely safe to apply and use.

So, now you know how a ReMARKable whitewall dry erase space can transform the way you learn, communicate, collaborate, and create, we will look at why achieving LEED compliance is so important.

What is LEED Compliance?

LEED is short for Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design. It operates worldwide and is a certification system that verifies a building was designed and constructed to improve its impact on the environment, particularly regarding indoor environmental quality, materials selection, sustainable site development, energy efficiency and water savings.

Vitally important in encouraging the development of a more environmentally built word, a crucial aspect is the quantity of toxic chemicals emitted by the materials used to create living, teaching and working spaces. Many paints emit some particularly unpleasant and dangerous chemicals known as Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs.

What are Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)?

VOCs are produced by various solids and liquids. There is a long list of them that are known to have long term or short term adverse effects on our health and wellbeing. To an extent, they are present everywhere, but they are far more abundant indoors than outdoors. It is only when their concentration exceeds certain limits that we need get concerned.

To get LEED compliance, we needed to show that ReMARKable whiteboard paint does not emit harmful quantities of VOCs during application, curing, and in day to day use.

How were the tests carried out?

We supplied a third party analytical testing laboratory with samples of parts A and B of ReMARKable Dry-Erase whiteboard paint. They applied it to a substrate material according to the typical coverage, placed the substrate in an environmental test chamber, and analyzed all the emitted volatile organic chemicals.

What do the test results tell us?

The tests were carried out for two scenarios: a school classroom and a private office. They measured the emission of a wide range of harmful VOCs and compared the results with the Chronic Reference Exposure Levels (REL) for these chemicals. The REL is the concentration that is known to cause no adverse health effects.

The levels for both scenarios were less than one half of REL, in other words, less than one half of the concentration that is considered to be harmless.

The tests also assessed formaldehyde emissions. The acceptable levels of formaldehyde have recently been reduced as it is known that formaldehyde might be associated with some cancers. The tests showed that formaldehyde emissions were below the allowed concentration of 9.0 micrograms per cubic meter.

Finally, the Total Volatile Organic Chemicals (TVOC) were measured. These were found to be less than 0.5 milligrams per cubic meter, a very low level.

To cut this rather long story short, in summary, ReMARKable Dry Erase WB passed all the tests by a wide margin and was awarded the VOC Emission Test certificate.

What this means

This means that ReMARKable is entirely safe for use and will cause no adverse health effects either during application or when used in an office or school environment. We always knew it was completely safe, but now that it has been certified as being so.

Why is this such a big deal?

We care greatly about the environment and about the people who use our products. Now not only can we show you that we produce the best and most cost-effective White Board product on the market, but we can also prove that it is also one of the safest products of its kind.

That’s a big deal to us, and we hope it is a big deal to you too.