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Why is whiteboard paint better than dry-erase vinyl?

Why is whiteboard paint better than dry-erase vinyl
The manufacturers of dry erase vinyl look to offer an alternative to traditional melamine, porcelain steel, painted steel, and other types of whiteboards. Advertising claims for the product describe it as capable of turning almost any flat surface into a whiteboard. However, after reading online reviews for dry erase vinyl, it becomes apparent that users are having problems with its installation, durability, writability, and erasability. Another issue of concern is the deeply harmful environmental impact of producing, using, and disposing of vinyl, also known as polyvinyl chloride or PVC. When all of these factors are considered, A premium dry erase coating emerges as a far superior option to dry erase vinyl since the coating is easy to install, extremely durable, easily written on and erased, and eco-friendly.

Ease of A Whiteboard Wall Installation

Installing dry erase vinyl can be challenging.

According to the online marketing blurbs for dry erase vinyl, all that’s required for installation is to cut a piece from the roll, peel off the paper backing, and place the vinyl onto a clean, dry flat surface to be used alone or in combination with other pieces to create a larger writing surface. However, applying dry erase vinyl is often not as easy and trouble-free as the ads claim. For example, one online reviewer wrote that the product is “a little challenging to install.” Another dry erase vinyl buyer went further, referring to it as the “worst product ever” and adding that he used almost all of the vinyl on a roll, and the material failed to stick to any surface he tried applying it to. A different reviewer agreed, saying that when she attempted to attach a piece of dry erase vinyl to a substrate, the vinyl curled up and only a small section in the middle stayed attached.

Installing quality dry erase coating is effortless.

Top-quality dry erase coating is easily applied by even an inexperienced painter. To achieve a perfect application that’s ready to use in just 48 hours, all that’s necessary is to follow the directions provided with our paint kits or presented in the instructional video on our website. With normal use and maintenance, the coating will give trouble-free service for ten-plus years, or the purchase price will be refunded.

Dry Erase Walls Durability

Dry erase vinyl can tear apart when separated from its backing.

Dry erase vinyl has been described by some customers as prone to splitting or breaking apart. One reviewer said that when he separated it from its paper backing, the vinyl tore into two sections. He then installed the sections on a wall by piecing them together, but when he later tried to remove the vinyl, it came off in little chips. From this description, it appears that dry erase vinyl is not durable, even during application.

Whiteboard-coated surfaces are extremely strong and long-lasting.

Each container of premium whiteboard coating comes with a ten-year money-back warranty that testifies to the product’s incredible resilience and endurance. With regular use and care, the coating should remain easy to write on and erase and show no signs of deterioration for the length of the warranty period and beyond. The coating’s high-quality proprietary chemical formula gives it exceptional resilience, color retention, and wear resistance, so with the proper upkeep and routine use, there is never a need to worry about peeling, cracking, or yellowing.

Whiteboard Wall Writability

Dry erase vinyl can be difficult to write on.

One reviewer wrote that he had an issue with the marker that came with the dry erase vinyl he bought, saying that writing with it was like writing “with watercolor runoff” and that the results were hard to read. He thus gave the vinyl a low rating because of the poor results he got from the vinyl surface when using the marker.

Surfaces covered with quality dry erase coating are always easy to write on.

Due to their highly sophisticated chemical makeup, premium dry erase coated surfaces accept and retain marker ink with outstanding ease. Anything written or drawn on a properly prepared and applied dry erase coated surface will appear bold and easy to see even from across a room.

Whiteboard Surface Erasability

Dry erase vinyl can be difficult to erase.

It’s also been reported that dry erase vinyl is hard to erase and that marker ink remains on the surface even after several attempts to remove it. One reviewer wrote a test message on a piece of vinyl he had purchased and let it dry for a while. Then when he tried to erase the ink, the vinyl was stained with remnants of the markings. This led him to conclude that the product was a waste of money. He added that he owned many standard whiteboards that were several years old, and they could still be easily erased.

Another customer said that she had tried to install a piece of dry erase vinyl on her pantry door, then wrote on the vinyl using a high-quality dry erase marker. Afterward, she found that the material failed to erase well, and no matter how hard she pressed, the vinyl would not stay attached to the door. She added that considering these issues, she was glad the product did not cost very much.

A third reviewer said that the neon markers he used on his dry erase vinyl left behind visible marks and that it had been challenging to make the vinyl “bubble free” when he tried to install it.

Whiteboard-coated surfaces erase beautifully every time.

By contrast, surfaces covered with our top-quality dry erase coating are extremely easy to erase with a few swipes of a microfiber cloth, towel, or mitt. The ink from dry erase markers has no chance to penetrate the coating’s tough membrane, which is made with a chemical formulation that produces a highly impermeable and long-lasting writing surface.

Environmental impact of Dry Erase Surfaces

Dry erase vinyl is extremely damaging to the environment.

In terms of its effects on humans, animals, and the ecosystem, vinyl, also known as polyvinyl chloride or PVC, is the most harmful form of plastic on Earth. For decades, health and environmental groups around the globe have been working to stop the production and use of this highly toxic material. Throughout its lifespan, from production to use to disposal, vinyl emits some of the world’s most hazardous chemicals, which have been linked to cancer, birth defects, and other life-threatening conditions. By releasing vinyl chloride, mercury, dioxins, PCBs, and other extremely harmful chemicals into the air, soil, and water, vinyl production poisons both factory workers and the residents of nearby communities.

In addition, dry erase vinyl and all other vinyl products expose users to dangerous additives such as lead (a highly poisonous metal), phthalates (toxic softeners added to vinyl), and cadmium (another toxic metal). And the disposal of vinyl waste in landfills and incinerators discharges dioxins and furans, chemicals that have been marked for phase-out by more than 170 nations around the world. In sum, there is no safe way to manufacture, use or dispose of this highly hazardous plastic, and using dry erase vinyl thus contributes to an already widespread public health and environmental crisis.

Top-quality whiteboard coating is environmentally friendly.

In contrast to highly toxic dry erase vinyl, premium whiteboard coating is environmentally friendly in all stages of its life cycle. From the creation and mixing of its chemical components to the exhaustive multi-stage tests performed during and after production to its ultimate use, our top-notch chemists and technicians work to ensure that the coating is easy to apply, write on, and erase and also tough and sustainable. This quest for excellence as a green product has been acknowledged by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), a world-renowned construction certification system initiated by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).

Why is Whiteboard Paint Better Than Dry Erase Vinyl
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