ReMARKable Solutions: Overcoming Common Whiteboard Paint Drawbacks through Innovation

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ReMARKable Solutions: Overcoming Common Whiteboard Paint Drawbacks through Innovation

ReMARKable Solutions: Overcoming Common Whiteboard Paint Drawbacks through Innovation

When evaluating the various whiteboard paint on the market today, many users encounter drawbacks that can be frustrating, and that limit the products’ usefulness and cost-effectiveness. However, ReMARKable Whiteboard Paint has many innovative features that are designed to address these issues by providing a high- quality writing and drawing surface that remains trouble-free through many years of regular service. Here’s how ReMARKable overcomes the shortcomings common to other whiteboard paint brands, offering a more cost-effective, reliable, and long-lasting user experience.


Common Drawback: Most whiteboard paint manufacturers recommend applying two coats of their products to obtain proper coverage, doubling the amount of money, time, and effort that users need to invest in installation. Such paints are typically non-professional grade epoxy-based coatings that require not only two initial coats but also frequent application of subsequent coats due to issues with discoloration, cracking, peeling, and loss of writability.

These problems are caused by residential-grade varieties of epoxy-based whiteboard coatings being generally less resilient than professional grades. Thus, they need to be re-applied periodically, causing customers to lose more time and spend more money than they would if only one long-lasting coat of whiteboard paint were applied.

ReMARKable Advantage: Due to the company’s advanced chemical formulation, stringent manufacturing standards, and intensive multi-stage quality control procedures, ReMARKable Whiteboard Paint requires only a one-coat application for effective coverage. Thus, users are saved from wasting their precious time and resources on applying a whiteboard coating twice, only to have it wear out in a short period.


Common Drawback: Epoxy-based whiteboard paints tend to crack, peel, stain, and yellow over time, sometimes in only two years, diminishing their long-term usefulness and appearance. Due to the chemical structure of their ingredients, after a while, epoxy-based coatings are prone to a kind of discoloration known as yellowing or “ambering” when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun or from artificial lighting.

Even when chemicals called UV light stabilizers are added during production, epoxy-based whiteboard coatings gradually become yellow and need to be removed to apply more coats. This is true especially when more serious issues occur, such as cracking, peeling, loss of luster, and developing a powdery deposit that makes the coated surfaces unusable.

ReMARKable Advantage: In contrast to traditional epoxy-based whiteboard paints, premium ReMARKable Whiteboard Paint requires only a one-coat application, and the resulting surface is guaranteed to last for ten or more years without yellowing, peeling, or cracking with normal use. Also, because of its superior chemical formula, featuring the highest grade ingredients available, ReMARKable’s impermeability and durability are like those of porcelain enamel, glass-coated steel, and other high-end traditional whiteboards. The surfaces produced by ReMARKable Whiteboard Paint possess an extremely tough film that can’t be penetrated by dry erase marker ink, making them easy to erase with a dry microfiber cloth and clean with a damp microfiber cloth.

Drying Time

Common Drawback: Many whiteboard paints on the market today require extended drying times, which lead to significant downtime for businesses and homeowners. This impacts company and household work schedules and efficiency. Dry time is an essential benchmark for determining the quality of a whiteboard paint brand. Dry times can vary anywhere from three to seven days for epoxy-based whiteboard paints.

ReMARKable Advantage: On the contrary, only 48 hours are required for ReMARKable’s top-quality whiteboard paint to dry and be ready for use. The paint’s extremely short dry time results from its exceptional water-based formula, which permits a nontoxic, trouble-free, and low-odor application along with rapid evaporation of the liquid component. The advanced chemical procedure used in making ReMARKable is the outcome of many years of experimentation and constant improvements in the production process. Our research scientists and engineers ultimately devised a way to provide customers with a highly durable, easy-to-erase, fast-drying, and eco-friendly alternative to other whiteboard paints.

Safety and Odor

Common Drawback: Traditional epoxy-based whiteboard paints tend to emit strong odors and contain large amounts of harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that pose serious risks to human health, indoor air quality, safety, and the natural environment.

ReMARKable Advantage: ReMARKable Whiteboard Paint’s extremely low-VOC content results in exceptional indoor air quality that creates a healthy ambiance for users. Premium water-basedReMARKablecontains less than 0.5% VOCs per unit volume, making it practically odor-free and in line with the rigorous environmental and safety standards of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), a worldwide green construction certification program begun by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). Thus, since premium whiteboard paint is fast drying, low in VOCs, and virtually odorless, it emits no lingering vapors that may cause ill health or discomfort.


Common Drawback: Upon drying, most whiteboard paints produce a high-gloss finish that can create glare and make content on the surface hard to see when exposed to sunlight or artificial light. The online description of one well-known epoxy-based paint product reads, “Provides a smooth, hard, glossy finish.” This quality also makes seeing slides and videos projected onto these surfaces easier.

ReMARKable Advantage: Walls coated in ReMARKable whiteboard paint produce no glare and are gentle on the eyes, so writing, drawing, and projecting videos or slides are easy. Viewers can clearly see the contents on the surface without having to squint or strain their eyes.


Common Drawback: Many brands of whiteboard paint are expensive and last only a short time before having to be replaced, making them less cost-effective and accessible for budget-conscious homeowners or business owners.

ReMARKable Advantage: Healthy, eco-friendly water-based ReMARKable Whiteboard Paint is extremely cost-effective, ranging from $1.30 to $2.00 per square foot for a 600-square-foot kit. It is backed by a ten-year warranty against yellowing, peeling, and cracking.By contrast, the leading solvent-based epoxy whiteboard paint costs $3.15 per square foot and is subject to the many health and environmental issues mentioned above.

Overall versatility 

Common Drawback: Other whiteboard paint brands, especially epoxy-based ones, are often tricky to install and require a week or more to adequately ventilate the adjacent space after application. For this reason, they lack versatility regarding where they can be used due to the hazardous nature of their ingredients. Epoxy-based whiteboard paints can give off VOCs for long periods even after they dry, and these chemicals can be dangerous to inhale. So, epoxy whiteboard paint products have limitations if users want to avoid toxic effects in the environment, especially in schools and medical facilities where children or people with chemical sensitivities may be present.

ReMARKable Advantage: Because of its minimal VOC content, ReMARKable Whiteboard Paint is extremely versatile with respect to where it can be applied, allowing users to create writable surfaces in any room or even in hallways and other places without fear of people’s health being impacted. Both the clear and white versions of ReMARKable include fewer than five grams per liter of VOCs, meaning that they discharge virtually no harmful chemicals into the spaces where they’re applied or into users’ lungs during and after application. Throughout their life spans of ten-plus years, walls and other surfaces coated with ReMARKable whiteboard paint are equally safe for people’s health and the environment.

By addressing the common downsides of many whiteboard paints on the market, ReMARKable Whiteboard Paint proves to be a superior and more innovative solution for both residential and commercial applications. It offers a highly reliable, economical, user-friendly, and versatile product. With ReMARKable, users can confidently transform walls and other areas into attractive, highly interactive, writable surfaces that meet their needs and exceed their expectations for many years of regular use without needing replacement.